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We started as a group of friends interested in diverse areas of science and arts who wanted more people to have access to ideas that we found to be novel, uncommon or interesting. 

We have been lucky to have more people join us since. And in case of ideas and viewpoints, more is always better :)

If you want to contribute an article or join us as a regular author, let us know via the message form.


Akshi Singla

PhD in Chemical Engineering

Texas A&M University

Akshi is interested in research in diagnostics and drug delivery. She loves to dance and occasionally likes to paint and read.


Ankur Gupta

Postdoctoral Associate

Princeton University

Ankur loves to read about politics, science, and philosophy and believes that there is great value in simplicity.

He also likes to listen to ghazals, go for long walks, travel with his wife and play chess.


Charu Mehta

PhD Candidate

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Charu is a cell biologist and studies stem cell fate and differentiation. She loves conversations on everything, especially about how science and scientific discoveries drive and impact human experiences.


Rohil Jain

PhD Candidate

Purdue University

Rohil works at the intersection of engineering and biology. He currently develops technologies for personalized medicine including micro-fluidic devices and in-vitro models.

He also volunteers for Asha for Education, a US based NGO working for educating underprivileged kids in India. 


Srijan Sanket

Software Engineer, Startup Enthusiast, Former Management Consultant

Srijan often brings a unique viewpoint due to his diverse background spanning tech. and non-tech roles. He loves talking about technology, financial trading and the human mind.

He loves to read fiction, explore new cuisines, and play table tennis and Dota2.


Amol V. Patwardhan

Postdoctoral Fellow

Amol is a postdoctoral fellow, working in the areas of neutrino and particle/nuclear astrophysics. He is currently affiliated with UC Berkeley but he will be joining SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory from Sep 2020. His personal website can be found here:

IMG_2198 copy.jpeg

Kanika Khanna

Postdoctoral Fellow

Kanika is currently a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University and using synthetic ecology tools to understand the role of gut microbiome in modulating host health and disease. Before that, she looked at tiny microbes with big microscopes during her PhD. During her free time, she dabbles in crochet and 3D origami and is interested in the amalgamation of arts and science. Website link:


 Anamika Singh

Research Associate

Anamika Singh has a Ph.D. from IIT Delhi and is currently working as a research associate at CSIR-CIMAP, Lucknow. Her research revolves around using micro-organisms called yeast to produce plant-based highly valuable chemicals by using synthetic biology and metabolic engineering tools. When she is not playing with yeast, she loves to find herself by getting lost in nature.

You can reach her at 


Ravi Suman

Operations Research Scientist

Ravi is an Operations Research Scientist at American Airlines in their Operations Research  and Advanced Analytics team. He develops OR and ML models to improve the network connectivity of airlines.

Upasana DP..jpg

Upasana Raval

Operations Research Engineer

Upasana work as Operations Research Engineer at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. She likes to dance, hike, and listen to music in her free time. Her Twitter handle is @RavalUpasana. 

Rachana Agrawal.jpg

Rachana Agrawal

PhD Student

Rachana is a PhD student at Purdue University doing research in Astrodynamics. She is interested in everything Space. When not thinking about how to send humans to Mars, she volunteers for Asha for Education. She loves reading, hiking and backyard astronomy. 

DSC_0021 copy.jpg

Vu Le-Huy Tran

PhD Student

Vu is a Ph.D. student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, working on the interface between innate immunity and hematopoiesis. He likes reading non-fiction and watching sci-fi movies/anime.


Vanya Bisht

PhD Student

Vanya Bisht (@Vanya_Bisht) is a PhD student at the School for the Future of Innovation in Society at Arizona State University. Her research work explores the ways in which cross-disciplinary collaboration can lead to better outcomes in the case of forest policy problems in India. She completed her Bachelor of Technology in Engineering Physics from the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi. She is currently building a youtube channel where she communicates the complexities of environmental problems to a broader audience.

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