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Guidelines for writers

"First delight, then instruct."

-Karl Friedrich Schinkel



  • We are open to any choice of topics and subjects you want to write about. However, please make sure that it mainly falls into the broad categories of science, technology, engineering, art, and math.  

  • Although we appreciate political context, we are not propagating any political ideology. We are inclusive in our approach to scientific writing and hold egalitarian values as our basic guiding principle.

Article length: We would like our post length to range from 2000-3000 words which typically makes a 10-minute read. 



  • Feel free to add links within the posts to cite references to papers, news reports, or any research article. Wherever possible, make sure that links are posted to original papers.

  • If understanding complex technical concepts beyond high school standards are critical to following the article, please try to use analogies, or provide links to short Youtube/TedEd video resources.

  • To provide explanations for certain technical words that may be unfamiliar to a general audience, using references from sites like Wikipedia is acceptable.



  • Any number of images are acceptable as long as they are easy to interpret. 

  • Use subtitles wherever possible to explain what is going on in the image. 

  • In your article, please use at least one cover image which conceptually captures the essence of your post. We usually use that to post the article on all the social media sites. 

Review process:

We will require you to send us your first draft at least 3-4 weeks in advance. Your article will be reviewed by two of our editors and we would require the final draft at least two days before the scheduled date of publication. To know more about our team, go to our about us page.

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